Jackie Sanders

artist • printmaker • storyteller

Printmaking is the antithesis of the fast-paced life most of us live. It is slow and requires the artist to take their time. I love every aspect of drawing, carving, and inking and is a reminder to take time, to appreciate. I’m fascinated with the way nature is perfectly imperfect, the balance between light and dark, organic shapes, the night sky and constellations. I grew up playing in the woods behind my dad’s house and developed a deep respect for nature and the animals that made it their home. On walks with my husband and daughter I pick up leaves and acorns, photograph flowers and mushrooms to later inspire drawings and prints. I like to look for things that people barely pay any attention to.  Coming into my 40's I feel inspired by the symbolism of the female life cycle; maiden, mother, and crone, appreciating every season of life, and connections to growth and nature. These seemly thread throughout my work. Now having a small daughter of my own I find that connection even stronger as her endless curiosity is catching, everything is new, an even further reminder to look closer. 

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